13268066_10154019908316391_7151481751158620581_oDr. Carletta N. Perry is an Expert, Transformative, Life Changing Leader. With a background in law, education, and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Perry offers insight for personal and professional development. In addition to her education and experience, she brings extraordinary empathy and prophetic wisdom that reaches beyond the surface to unravel the layers of your life – she speaks into your life! Dr. Perry is a nationally sought after Keynote and Motivational Speaker, Author, Television Host of the inspirational “It’s Life Changing” TV Show, Radio Host, founder of The Hampton Roads Behavioral Health and Wellness Center, and Owner of I SPEAK LIFE LLC.

I SPEAK LIFE LLC offers you therapeutic life coaching, executive coaching for business and spiritual leaders, performance coaching for athletes, and confidential sessions for celebrities, couples and family sessions, seminars on dating relationships, marriage enrichment, work-life balance, and help with many concerns from leadership, purpose, career transition, and goal setting to depression, grief, stress, psychological abuse, childhood trauma, family drama, domestic violence, parenting issues, self-esteem and confidence, dating, marriage, divorce, sleep, lack of focus, feeling overwhelmed, and finding your peace.

Dr. Perry is also a Professor of Psychology and speaks regularly at conferences, universities, various community events and serves as a mentor to many. She is a Newspaper Columnist and writes a “Q&A with Dr. Carletta Perry” column focusing on answering questions about real life concerns and bringing awareness to mental health, behavioral health, and resources for everyday problems to help communities enjoy healthier lives, relationships and families.  She is a Consultant who can help you with everything from legal documents such as Separation Agreements and Power of Attorney forms, book development and publishing, or starting a for profit or non-profit business!

Hailed as a “speaker of the truth in love,” “a life changer,” “infectious,” “inspirational,” and “a well-educated, gifted, spiritual-minded speaker, teacher, TV Host, and friend,” Dr. Perry is nothing but the truth!

Book Dr. Perry for your next event or schedule an appointment today. Your life will never be the same.